The arab spring: vids & pics for freedom

Since the beginning of 2011 there has been a wave of uprisings and demonstrations in North Africa and the Middle East. Photos and film clips recorded by demonstrators, usually on mobile phones, have become one of the most potent weapons in this battle for freedom. These images serve both to document the latest developments and to mobilise new forces. They have emerged as a new form of revolutionary iconography.

The esc-space group’s installation – ‚Bilder für die Freiheit‘ (Vids & Pics for Freedom) – has taken this new dimension of media representation as its theme. In doing so it hopes to pay tribute to the courage of those who have used their camera phones to give expression to the struggle for freedom and democracy. By showing their photos and films, we will try to make the presence of these anonymous photographers felt, for it is they who remind us that there is such a thing as ‚history‘; happening right now, and with its outcome still uncertain. They remind us too, that this outcome is determined by people and the action they take.

Visit our little ‚Freedom Square‘ in Wiesbaden, Germany, and follow the Pictures for Freedom chronologically. Be confronted with their disturbing aesthetics and try to work out what questions this drama is putting to you personally.

Pictures for Freedom – an installation by the esc-space group as part of the 7th ‚Wiesbadener Fototage‘ from September 10th-25th.

esc-space, Emanuel-Geibel Strasse 12

Open from 1-6pm Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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