Realität, Wahrheit, Propaganda

Aufgrund der fließenden politischen Situation und der angebrachten Anonymität der „Photographen“ ist eine definitive Klärung von Bildsituationen und Daten der Handyclips in der Regel nicht eindeutig möglich. Es gibt allerdings Wahrscheinlichkeiten und Indikatoren, die die Bestimmung eines Films plausibel machen. Die esc-space group ist sich dieser Schwierigkeiten bewußt und hat sie berücksichtigt.

… I think about the people behind the cameras, the ones I now know if they are caught, they will never be released. They risk their lives to record the truth. They crowd together in smoky basements and spend hours uploading the videos over impossibly slow connections. And even in the basements they are not safe, like 28-year-old Adnan Abd Eldayem from Homs, who was shot in the head outside Omar bin al-Khattab Mosque after a night spent uploading. These videos have become our evidence, the ones the regime’s PR machines say are fabricated, are photoshopped, are lifted from other wars, from other cities; the ones which Western journalists must preface with the liability-protecting, offensive words “unable to verify.” These videos are Syria’s rays of light. Hafez concealed us in absolute darkness, but small cameras, smart phones, YouTube, and fearless thousands who press “record,” assured his son will not.

Amal Hanano, The opposite of silence, gebloggt auf, 22.8.2011